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Fine Suiseki
Basic Classification
Five factors
  The following section details the five main factors used in evaluating a stone and its quality/potential as a suiseki: shape, material, color, texture, and “age.” This information comes from the book “An Introduction to the Beauty of Suiseki” by Arishige Matsuura, the Chairman of the Nippon Suiseki Association. In this book, Mr. Matsuura writes: “Suiseki is the act of a single, natural stone moving an individual’s imagination and calling forth a number of artistic impressions. In other words, it is the hobby in which from the shape, surface, color, and so on of a stone, we can feel as if looking upon a landscape or a variety of other natural phenomena.”  
  To put it simply, when looking upon the stone the viewer should be reminded of something in nature, particularly a landscape or another natural form. Mr. Etsuji Yoshimura devised the “Rule of Three Faces” in assessing shape: front and back, left and right, and bottom. Viewed from any of these angles, the ideal suiseki will maintain a balance and harmony with the other sides, however, this is a very difficult ideal to explain in concrete terms and is ultimately best left to the judgment of the individual, though it still holds as an important, basic guideline.  

A good suiseki must be a stone of material which is not easily destroyed or changed.  It should be hard and dense, yet give a soft sense of calm.  The finest quality material will also maintain a moist, wet feeling long after having been watered.

  Though all colors that harmonize with nature are acceptable, dark and more subdued tones are generally preferred. Particularly in Japan, maguro, or a deep black color, is considered ideal. Dark gray (haiguro), and a deep green-black (aoguro) are also very highly regarded.  
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