Nippon Suiseki Association All exhibitions of the Nippon Suiseki Association are supported by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  
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Fine Suiseki
Basic Classification
  Back Issues of the Nippon Suiseki Meihinten Exhibition Catalogue-
3,000 yen
   While not all issues remain available in our stock, we do have some of the more recent exhibition catalogues, with high quality and full color photography highlighting all of the stones featured in each show.  
  Important Suiseki and Accessories Certified by the Nippon Suiseki Association
Volume 1 (Blue, 1998)-8,000 yen
Volume 2 (Red, 2001)-8,000 yen
  Both of these hardbound volumes feature suiseki masterpieces, as well as suiban, doban, and shoku that the Nippon Suiseki Association has certified as important objects in the Japanese suiseki world. These books contain very little text and rather make the imagery their focus, each protected in a high quality cloth-covered slipcase.  
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